Chicago Nursing Home Accidents

Nursing home accidents in Chicago and Illinois nursing homes can and do happen, and often cause harm to nursing home patients.  The critical question is whether these nursing home accidents were caused by nursing home negligence or some other type of poor nursing home operating procedure.

As well, many nursing home accidents may be misattributed, meaning that the injuries stemming from the nursing home accident may have actually been caused by nursing home abuse or negligence.

Nursing home accidents can take many forms.  While some accidents, such as residents who fall, may be (largely) unavoidable, many other accidents are preventable if proper operating procedures are being followed by the care facility.

Of course, while these accidents happen at nursing homes, they can and do occur at other types of health care facilities such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (SKFs), assisted living facilities, and other types of elder care facilities.

Here are some various types of nursing home accidents:

  • Falls and slips by nursing home patients
  • Nursing home patients who are dropped by staff
  • Nursing home patients who suffer burns
  • Medicine / pharmaceutical errors

If you believe that these nursing home accidents have occurred and caused injury to those you care for in an Illinois nursing home, you should contact an Illinois personal injury lawyer to discuss potential legal action.


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