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Tony Elman, Lead Attorney, Elman Joseph Law Group
Tony Elman, Lead Attorney, Elman Joseph Law Group

Free Consultation Regarding Nursing Home Abuse, Nursing Home Neglect And Nursing Home Accidents

If you or someone you care for has suffered from what you consider to be Illinois nursing home abuse,  nursing home neglect, or a nursing home accident, the Elman Joseph Law Group offers a free legal consultation to discuss the situation and see what can be done legally to remedy the situation.

While such nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, and nursing home accidents are unpleasant to deal with and often are emotionally distressing, from a legal perspective it is likely advantageous to start receiving advice as soon as possible from a qualified personal injury attorney.

Elman Joseph Law Group handles legal cases on a “contingency basis,” which is another way of saying that there are no charges unless and until you receive a monetary award.

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Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC handles Illinois personal injury lawsuits as well as wrongful death lawsuits.