Chicago Nursing Home Litigation Lawyer

Chicago Litigation Lawyer For Illinois Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Tony Elman, Lead Attorney, Elman Joseph Law Group
Tony Elman, Lead Attorney, Elman Joseph Law Group

Nursing homes in Chicago, as well as nationally, do not always provide an acceptable level or standard of care for their nursing home residents.  While the types and instances of nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, and avoidable nursing home accidents is broad, there can be little doubt that, unfortunately, many nursing home residents are harmed and injured by various types of nursing home abuse and neglect.  Various articles, nursing home abuse lawsuits, investigative reports, and nursing home studies indicate that nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect does occur, and in the process many nursing home residents suffer injuries and other types of harm.

This site will discuss types of nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect that can happen both in Chicago area nursing homes as well as on an statewide (Illinois) and national basis.  It will also discuss various signs and other indicators that suggest that nursing home abuse or neglect may be happening.

Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Litigation Lawyer

Should you or someone you care for suffer injury or other types of harm resulting from Illinois nursing home abuse or Illinois nursing home neglect, it is likely in your best interest to consult with an Illinois qualified personal injury lawyer.  It is best to discuss the situation with such a lawyer to see if the situation may warrant the filing of a lawsuit.

Elman Joseph Law Group handles Illinois nursing home abuse and Illinois nursing home neglect cases, as well as cases involving injury or harm in other types of health care facilities such as assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), hospices and hospitals.

Elman Joseph Law Group has been handling Illinois personal injury lawsuits for 25+ years, and during this period has established itself as a law firm that is highly skilled in litigation (i.e. court trials).  This may prove valuable to your lawsuit in that if we are unable to settle your personal injury lawsuit favorably, we have a proven capability to take cases to court and get (highly) attractive verdicts.

Many well-known Chicago law firms give cases to Elman Joseph Law Group to take to court.

Tony Elman of the Elman Joseph Law Group will gladly discuss your nursing home abuse or neglect situation with you.  He can be reached at (773) 392-8182…call anytime.  This consultation is always free.  In fact, Elman Joseph Law Group works on a contingency basis, meaning that clients never have to pay fees unless and until they receive a monetary award.